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Fuzz never used to appeal to me, or so I thought. However, now I realise I own more fuzz pedals than any other type. So this is the first episode in a series where I will demo them…

This demo is of the FuzzTrem from Chewed Tape Effects, an independent pedal builder from Stockport, England. They describe this pedal as “…a silicon transistor one-knob fuzz fed into a vintage amp tremolo style circuit, all controlled by one footswitch and 3 knobs…”.

I’ll be playing a couple of guitars, different pickups, as well as seeing how the pedal copes alongside other effects.

Please note this is not a paid promotion – this pedal was not sent to me, I bought it – and there is no affiliation at the time of recording with Chewed Tape Effects.

You can find Chewed Tape Effects on Instagram, Facebook, and buy their pedals from Reverb.

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