Artist Name:Basil Babychan

Twitter: @BabychanInc


With aspirations facilitated by my interest in and passion for, the power of music, I decided to take the plunge and bring out my original works in July 2020 with my single Shadows Dance . My album accidentally INCorporated, a collection of NeoClassical and Symphonic tracks that released in November 2020, is an attempt to present Melodic Messages that Heal the Soul & Empower the Mind.

Transient, my single released in July 2021, is a NeoClassical composition that attempts to interpret the transitionary state of existence we are in and facilitates a melodic reflection of our actions and inactions in this context.

Transient” must be heard and felt rather than explained, but if one were to attempt to explain the song with mere words, the following would be said: It’s meditative and contemplative, expressive in its dynamics and in the layering of sound. The message behind the song stems from the never-ending development and growth of human lives. Never has it been so apparent as this past year, when the world battled with chaos, panic and loss during the pandemic. However, with overwhelming fear comes the renewal and recovery of hope, putting into perspective the present moment. ‘Transient’ reflects these waves of emotions, something that many listeners will relate to. One thing is for certain, everything changes but the only thing we can depend on is the Now.

The cornerstone messages throughout Basil’s [music] brand are referred to as “Melodic Messages” where he shares his musical ideas embodied with empowering messages as well some hints to his upcoming series on his YouTube channel called “Messengers: A Conversation with Basil Babychan” whereas he will present real people, with real stories to inspire us all!  To learn more about “Messengers”, be sure to connect with Basil on social media via IG, Facebook and YouTube. #StayTuned

The official release date for “Transient” will be on July 30th and it will be available on all streaming platforms. Finally, at the end of this month, fans near and far will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the melodic rhapsody of Basil Babychan’s latest project! For a sneak peek of “Transient”, click on this link>>

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