Track List:

1. (0:00) Epic Inspiring:
2. (2:24) Epic Heroic:
3. (4:45) Epic Motivational:
4. (6:44) Inspiring Dramatic:
5. (9:25) Epic Intro:
6. (10:39) Epic Orchestral:
7. (13:14) Inspire:
8. (15:37) Inspiring Epic:
9. (17:46) Black Rain:
10. (20:06) Cinematic:
11. (22:58) Dawn Of The Brave:
12. (25:41) Epic:
13. (27:38) Epic Inspirational:
14. (29:55) Epic Orchestral Adventure:
15. (32:08) Cinematic Dark Music:
16. (34:48) Inspiring Piano & Epic Orchestra:

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