Best of Epic Music 2014 1-hour full cinematic. An epic summary for an amazing year of epic music 2014
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โ–ช Tracks List:
00:00 Brand X Music – Buccaneer Island
01:53 Audiomachine – Impera
02:46 Really Slow Motion – Collapsing Universe
03:50 Epic Score – Ride to Glory
05:04 Really Slow Motion – Suns And Stars
06:38 Phantom Power – Fate’s End
07:50 Position Music – Sanctum
09:19 Two Steps From Hell – Riders
10:22 Ivan Torrent – The Bounds of the Universe
12:17 Gothic Storm – Destiny Awaits
14:02 Gothic Storm – Beyond The Stars
14:52 Immediate Music – Falling Into Inertia
16:27 Immediate Music – Protectors Of Truth
18:23 EpicMusicVn – Last Reunion
22:48 Future World Music – Larger Than Life
28:38 Song To Your Eyes – Air Support
31:07 Thomas Bergersen – Empire of Angels
36:07 Liquid Cinema – Aeterna
37:38 Position Music – Timelapse
39:00 EpicMusicVn – Starlight
41:06 Hi-Finesse – Rebirth
43:31 Thomas Bergersen – Creation of Earth
44:58 Nightcall – Dead V
49:03 Michael Conn – Pitcairn Story
51:30 Audiomachine – Blood and Stone (Remix
53:25 Immediate Music – Icarus Rising
55:51 VonLichten – Witness to History
57:51 Sergey Saliev – When the spring comes
01:01:17 Outro: Two Steps From Hell – Compass
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โ–ช Video edited by Tuan Phong – Anh Tuan – Gabriel O’Conor – Bond – Cuu Deli – Long Phan – Krish-B – 9thBigFoot – Carlos Cabrera

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All music is copyrighted and belong to the respective owners.
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