Binding Sticker/Decal: Removable type
You can binding around to guitar (Body, Neck, Headstock…..) !
Material: Vinyl (PVC)

How to Install Binding
The material that is used in this product is “elastic.”(stretching and shrinking).
White part is a blank space.
First, please catch this part and tear off from a sheet, and begin the work.
This part, cuts it later by scissors.
Please choose from the following methods 1)Butt joints.
Please stick it while pulling it little by little along the shape of the body.(Do not pull strongly)
Transparent tape that is enclosed in a pack is what you need when you are sticking it.
Please wrapped (band-aid-like) fingertips by this transparent tape.
They can prevent from adhering the oil of your hands to an adhesion side by this way.
Please cut the part which remained.
A scissors or cutting knife are available on it.
“Curved-Shape” corresponding to the part which is the acute angle of various guitars is enclosed in a pack.
Please fit a tip of sticker and a tip of body, and stick along the curve of body.

This product is available with joints of bindings by various ways.
When two binding pieces meet end-to-end, there are a few styles of joint you can use.
1. Butt joints are a simple meeting of one square end against another. I recommended this way.
2. Over-Lap joints are easier. Moderate length of overlap is about 2 cm.
3. Scarf joints are angled mating surfaces, and can be a good way to hide a joint.
And it can be angled across either the top or the side of the binding strip.

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