David Parker Ray, known as the Toy Box Killer is one of the worst murderers to ever walk this earth. This video takes a walk through this horrifying case to uncover the dark secrets he kept hidden from the world for decades. He’s one of the few serial killers that was never convicted of murder. Although he himself videotaped his own crimes including murder, they could never find a body or identify a victim to definitively tie him to a specific murder victim.

This case was so horrifying to investigators, they were known to leave his $100,000 custom-built “Toy Box” vomiting on the ground outside, and one investigator took her own life after spending 5 days inside creating police sketches of the contents within.

A note about the introduction: Although the story told about Cynthia Virgil’s escape is non-fiction, some creative liberties were taken. Cynthia escaped during the day time, about 3:15pm, to be exact. Ray did not live in a secluded area, but a moderately populated neighborhood of trailers and small homes. She was seen by a few people and tried to stop a few passing cars, who seeing a hysterical naked, and bloodied woman trying to get into their vehicle, locked the doors and drove off in fear. When she burst into another double-wide on Hot Springs Landing Rd, it was a woman named Darlene Breech who was sitting inside watching television. As far as Cynthia falling unconscious, I’ve found several conflicting reports on that, and as it made for dramatic storytelling, I decided to leave it in.

Cries in the Desert: The Shocking True Story of a Sadistic Torturer by John Glatt –

Slow Death by Jim Fielder –

David Parker Ray’s 1993 Victim Orientation Tape Transcript –
David Parker Ray’s 18-point list of instructions on torture –

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