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I shot and edited this video myself under GOD’S direction. “Hopefully” it will help change lives!” Baltimore Native “William Swann” takes you on a journey to a time when he was at his lowest. Prepare for “Resurrection” a video like none other

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The video is all about my life expressed through a Hip Hop Gospel Music Video. I learned a lot of valuable information about myself shooting it on my own. With this song, I tried to cover the following subjects:
-How to create a ghetto but also mainstream gospel official looking music video
-Create a hd music videos using a drone
– How to create a gospel hip-hop song that can be played in any mix “gospel”or “hiphop”

One thing i observed when i was searching for information on how to create a hip hop gospel music video was the absence of appropriate details for my vision.
Hip hop gospel music video nevertheless is an subject that i understand something about. This video for that reason should matter and maybe of interest to you. “Resurrection”..
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