Tape Drives, Cassette Decks, Tape Decks, Datasettes… they go by many different names, but for many of us, they were the gateways to 8 bit adventures of past. Being from the UK, I spent many an hour waiting for games to load via. tape on my ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. So, when news of fangled digital tape decks caught my ears, my attention was given. Based on Arduinos and known as Tapuino, Arduitape, TZXduino, Casduino, Sio2SD and all manner of other names, I’ve grabbed a couple in cases I liked the look of to demonstrate for you, right here, right now.

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Tapuinos (C64) –
TZXDuino (Amstrad, Spectrum, MSX, Acorn) –
Sio2SD (Atari 8 bits) –
Digital Tape Deck (Commodore logo) –

–Reference links–
uCassette (Tim Harris) –
DC2N –
Arduiotape blog & details –
Peter Edwards (Tapuino) –
Charcole C64 Tape –

With thanks to Andrew Beer for his assistance –

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