I FOUND MORE CASSETTE TAPES! Two weeks after filming Episode 3 with Melissa, cameraman Nash and I were taking a drunk fueled stroll around the neighborhood and came across what can only be described as scene out of hoarders. The sidewalk was littered with VHS tapes, CD’s, porn, porn, porn, and what?!?!? CASSETTE TAPES MOTHER FUCKER – an entire bin full of them. I couldn’t believe my luck. A mere two weeks prior, I was about to put an add out for blow jobs in exchange for cassette tapes. Now, I had more than enough to put my own mother’s collection to shame.

What to do with these cassettes? Certainly, I had more than enough to create several of the lamp shades we made on Episode 3. But did I want to make the same thing I’ve made already? – nah. So, I did what every crafter/creative does when they find a “ooooooh, I can make something out of this.” I hid all the tapes in various places around my apartment and forgot about them. To add to my street garbage collection, I had also procured several disgusting drum shades “just in case.” Thankfully so because I ended up using the frame/tripod as a guide and structure for the piece!

What happened next, you’ll never believe! (I fucking hate that bait bullshit with every fiber of my being). I WENT BIG. #sizequeen. So big in fact that it took over 2 hours, 77 tapes, a roll of tape, and a fuck ton of E6000. This beast stands 18” tall and 15” wide and is heavier than my cat, Roger The Alien. To be fair, he’s a little guy but that’s beside the point. Regardless, I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out!

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Music: Awakening – Silent Partner

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