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Alrighty! Finally back with a video. This time I’ve been creating my very own cassette release of my upcoming album, from scratch (kind of). Enjoy!

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All music in the video:
1. “Cassettes Theme” re-appears multiple times
2. “Kofi Practice Song” re-appears twice
3. “Philip Drum Loop” used for title sequence
4. “Leave Me on Read” (from album duplication)
5. “Loser in Marrakech – instrumental”
6. “Scrambling Days – instrumental”
7. “Roland CR-78 Beat” (basically my Youtube channel theme song)

0:00 Intro
2:39 Preparing the masters for tape
5:11 Designing the J-cards
7:50 Complications…
10:16 Printing the J-cards
11:49 Final results

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