Friends – Tamil Movie
Star Cast:Vijay,Surya,Ramesh Khanna,Vadivelu,Devayani,Vijayalakshmi,Sriman,Santhana Barathi,Saritha,Charle,Madhan Bob,Radha Ravi

Friends is a Tamil comedy film about three friends. Vijay, Surya and Ramesh Khanna value friendship over everything else, even family, and for this reason, Surya resists the advances of Vijayalakshmi. When the trio take up a painter’s job at a mansion, Vijay falls in love with Devayani. Abinayasri makes him believe that his imaginations are reciprocated. What follows next is the struggle between friendship and love, to which Sriman adds more problems when he finds Vijayalakshmi is in love with Surys.How the friends get back together forms the climax of the movie.

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