Recorded in the early part of 1987. This short Documentary was shot on 3/4″ video tape and the quality is not the best. Stating that, What this documentary illustrates are young talents who became legends in the Freestyle / Club music scene. “Latin Hip Hop” documentary includes interviews with a Young SaFire, Latin Rascals, Little Louie Vega and others. Who back then were known acts but later became legendary pioneers in there respected music genres. I love these types of rough short films because they depict a time when things were still fun and spontaneous in the music industry. When an artist did not need a million dollar video and a multi million dollar marketing budget to get a hit. Clubs ruled in the 80’s and record companies as well as artist had the upper advantage on the music industry because they had a secret weapon! The secret weapon was called the club D-Jay! D-Jays were kings in the 80’s. They could make or break acts with out any help from Radio or TV. Loved my 80’s! I hope you enjoy this throw back video to the fun times of the 80-‘s freestyle music movement that was first called “Latin Hip Hop”.

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