All the LEGO friends music videos from 2018 in this video clip compilation with some great theme songs about five girls from Heartlake City. With your favourite music songs We’ve Got Heart, Zoom Zoom Zoom song and a little floss surprise! Add this video to your music playlist!

Watch the official music video for the LEGO Friends song “We’ve Got Heart”! A cool new song about the five girls from Heartlake City. They’re on a mission to a little more heart, art and courage into the world! Invite your best friends over, and sing along like no one is listening!

Olivia has a dream: She wants the five Friends to win the legendary Heartlake City go-kart race in the coolest cars ever! There’s only one problem… All they have are five worn-out go-karts to work with. How can they beat reigning champion Vicky Roman in those old wrecks? It’s time for some good old teamwork. Can the Friends design, upgrade and customize their go-karts in time to win the race? One thing is for sure – nothing can stop them from trying! And hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a cool team hit song to boost their motivation, right?

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