Recorded on the tape recorder Otari MTR-12
Tape LPR90 R38530, Equalization IEC 510 nWb/m, 15 ips, 2 track
Source of an analog signal: Tascam BR-20 (upgraded to BR-20D)
ADC: Tascam DA-3000 / CF SanDisk Extreme PRO
Generator of reference frequency: Mutec MC3+ Studio Clock
Interconnect cables: Harmonix HS-101 XLR, Ortofon 7N-SDL-001 BNC
Power supply: PS Audio Quintessence, Toyozumi Isolation Transformer, Acoustic Revive RGC-24
Power cables: Transparent Reference PowerLink, Acrolink 7N-4020 Anniversario, Harmonix X-DC Studio Master

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