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Transfer all your old recordings using just one system, with this Multi-Function Music Centre. Features a CD Burner, Record Deck, Cassette Deck and Radio.
If you have treasured vinyl and cassettes that you wish to preserve for years to come, then this attractive all in one Music Centre unit provides all you need to record and store those precious recordings. With no need for a PC, you can simply record your vinyl and cassettes directly to a CD using the built in CD burner. Authentically styled, the superb stereo gramophone is ideal for your 33s, 45s or 78s. There is also an AM/FM radio with fine-tuning dial and integral aerial for perfect reception, plus a front-loading CD player with clear digital display that allows you to instantly find your favourite track. There’s even a handy cassette deck on the side of the unit, so you can enjoy your favourite cassette recordings. Measuring 51 x 33 x 33cm, it also includes an aux-in function that allows you to play other devices through your music centre, using the built-in stereo speakers.

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