Fifth part of a six-part series called Displaced Confidentiality, in which I’m dealing with a qestion what does a live musical performance means when facing the absence of any audience. This series is my personal exploration into a new kind of musical intimacy which possibly arises when such traditional factors of a musical performance as audience-oriented intentionality, immediate communication or human theatrality are gone.

“Notturni” is a tape loop suite, in wich I’m playing two of my favorite instruments: a Tascam 4-track recorder and a small boutique version of a classical Roland D-50 #synthesizer (played live on an Arturia Keystep MIDI keyboard, offscreen). I’m also using some of the guitar effect pedals from my collection, such as Industrialectric Echo Degrader (which is an absolute killer and might be my most favorite guitar pedal ever), Industrialectric RM1N fuzz/reverb as well as Chase Bliss MOOD, which became an essential part of any live setup in all of my projects.

I see this piece as an isolationist Folk Horror musical #suite in which my own artistic intentions are being constantly override by a whole array of #unHuman intentions, which I try to evoke but at the same time not to stay in the way of.

Displaced Confidentiality is a project developed by Ars Aperta – Hannover e.V. and it’s sponsored by the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung as well as Kulturbüro Hannover.

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