A Pioneer silver rack repair and restoration video. This classic vintage Pioneer system consists of the SA-8800 integrated amplifier, RT-901 reel to reel and CT-F950 cassette tape decks along with the TX-D1000 tuner. Each of these components include the beautiful blue fluoroscan display’s that were only available from 1979-1982. I detail the disassembly and repair of the RT-901 reel to reel tape tensioners which always are an issue in this tape deck. I also show the replacement of the belts and the idler tire in the CT-F950 cassette deck. I include cleaning tips that I used on the SA-8800 integrated amplifier. At the end of the video I show this beautiful vintage Pioneer system in action with all of the components mounted in an original Pioneer rack.

I am a hobbyist that repairs and collects vintage stereo gear. Every piece of equipment that you see in my video’s is mine. I don’t repair other people’s equipment and then send them back to their owners. I repair, restore, and bench test every unit. I then install each unit into my own stereo system and do what they were meant to do. Play Music!

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