Forget the clipboards, tape binding machines, bone folders, and other contraptions. This is the fastest and best method of tape binding, widely used by Disney and in Hollywood film scoring recording sessions. In this video I make an 18-page tape-bound silent-page-turn score.

This is the most affordable artist tape I’ve found. It’s triple the price at art supply stores, so order before you need it. Film Tools is a store in Burbank, CA. They have a whole wall of tapes if you want to go in person, but you can order on their website too. This is the 1/2″ tape which I use. Many people prefer 3/4″.

The paper is custom cut from Kelly Paper. This particular paper is 10×13 ivory, but I don’t typically use that. Almost everything I do is 9×12 white, or 11×17 for larger scores.

I use 70lb text or 28lb bond (same thing, different labeling) and I get a paper that’s slightly textured. If it’s too smooth the page turns are less reliable, so don’t buy a smooth laser paper.

If you have a reseller’s business license from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration then you can buy from Kelly Paper at trade prices, which are both lower and tax-free. The license is free and the application takes about 10 minutes.

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