Let’s party like it’s 1976!

Magnetic tape started being used for sound recording in 1930 and was the dominant way audio was recorded for the majority of recording history. In this video we’re exploring what the process was like in the 1970’s with this 2 inch, 16 track, reel to reel tape machine previously owned by country music star Merle Haggard.

This is the first time I’ve every recorded to tape. Outside of some small cassette recorders I had as a kid. Outside of that and the wax cylinder video we shot earlier this year, I’ve only ever recorded with a digital system.

Going into a studio to track on this machine really puts into perspective how much more prepared musicians had to be at the time. There’s very little editing if any that can be done to your performance and each take eats up precious time and real estate on the medium.

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Featuring Mr. Wibblespoon: ???
Engineered and Mixed Rob Ruccia:
Video edit by Jake Jarvi:

The bass I’m using is Davie504’s signature bass with Chowny.

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