Study for Voice and Tape by Alice Shields is on New World Records CD # 80521, the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961 – 1973 album. Shields composed it in 1968 on her poem The Sunbather, with her recorded soprano singing voice synchronized with electronic sounds on tape.

Study for Voice and Tape was premiered in 1969 by the International Society for Contemporary Music at McMillin Theatre, Columbia University. You can download the recording and the liner notes and see the poem at the New World Records:

In 1968 in addition to serving as instructor and soon Associate Director at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, Shields was the first U.S. Apprentice Opera Composer in Residence on AGMA contract, working with the Lake George Opera Festival to create and rehearse her opera Odyssey and sing roles with the company in 1966, 1968 and 1970. She was also beginning her career as a professional singer, performing contemporary and traditional roles with the Metropolitan Opera Studio, Metropolitan Opera at the Forum, Lake George Opera and the Hunter College Opera Theater, and eventually the New York City Opera and the Washington National Opera.

Study for Voice and Tape by Alice Shields is published by the American Composers Alliance at and was created at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.

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