My favourite free app this week is Tape Cassette 2 from Caelum Audio.

Tape cassette 2 is the sequel to Caelum Audio’s hugely popular Tape cassette App. I covered the original Tape Cassette way back in February and was blown away by its warm, saturated and delightfully Lo-Fi sound.

Not only have Caelum Audio given the app’s interface a sleek new lick of paint, they’ve updated things under the hood as well.

Download Tape Cassette 2 for Mac here:

Grab Tape Cassette 2 for iOS here:


Just getting started with GarageBand on iOS or iPadOS?:

GarageBand for Mac beginners, this one’s for youu:

The ultimate GarageBand Toolbox:


My GarageBand for iPad Beginners Kit:

My GarageBand for Mac setup:

Best budget MIDI keyboards and controllers:


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