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The Black Tape – “Welcome to Dystopia” Ghetto Box Records – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Bamberg

Artist Bio: Paul yells into the microphone while the rest of the band is beating their instruments and the punks in front of the stage are beating each other’s heads in the pogo, “This world is sick, this world is f*cking crazy!”
THE BLACK TAPE deal with the problems of this sick world in their songs and lyrics. Racism, sexism, capitalism, politics and what else moves the band is spit out in the fast, short and aggressive punk tunes.

Director Name: Marcus Renk
Director Website:

About the Video: Shot in rehearsal room by an 8-year-old camera girl!

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Record Label: Ghetto Box Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Welcome to Dystopia”

Mass destructive weapons
Gonna kill us all
New aspects of violence
Back up against the wall
Perspectives of genocide
White skin, black soul, blood red
Welcome to dystopia
Land of the dead
Modern day society
Symptoms of decay
Political corruptions
Economic fails
Financial crisis
Capitalistic war
Welcome to dystopia
Land of the poor
Armageddon billboard
Salvation on display
The end is getting closer
Every single day
Worst case scenario
Apocalyptic end
Welcome to dystopia
Land of the damned

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