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“The Dunwich ,” written in 1928 and first published in Weird Tales in April 1929, is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, and takes place in the isolated, desolate and decrepit village of Dunwich, and revolves around Wilbur Whateley, the hideous son of Lavinia Whateley, a deformed and unstable albino mother, and an unknown father. Strange events surround Wilbur’s birth and precocious development. He matures at an abnormal rate, reaching manhood within a decade. Locals shun him and his family, and animals fear and despise him. All the while, his sorcerer grandfather indoctrinates him into certain dark rituals and the study of witchcraft. Various locals grow suspicious after Old Whateley buys more and more cattle, yet the number of his herd never increases, and the cattle in his field become mysteriously afflicted with severe open wounds.

“The Dunwich ”
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Performed by: Caden Vaughn Clegg
Post Production/Production/Sound Design: Jesse Cornett
Original Score: Son of Man (Son of Man appears courtesy of PleromaProductions LLC © 2015)
Video Production: Craig Groshek
Artwork: Craig Groshek

Story © H.P. Lovecraft (public domain)
Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC


Caden Vaughn Clegg is a voice actor and a full-time teacher.

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Jesse Cornett is an executive producer, editor, film scout and narrator for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.
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