A quick first patch using the new ‘Tokyo Tape Music Centre’ Eurorack clone of the Buchla Dual Sine – Sawtooth Generator Model 158. Patch Notes:

– Both oscillators FM-ing each other – switching in and out int/ext frequency control
– CV Sequence to each from X and Y channels of RenĂ© Mk ii
– CV sequence X into Ch. 1 of 158 via Precision Adder in Disting Mk 1
– CV sequence Y into Ch. 2 of 158 via ALM O/A/x2
– Outputs of both channels sent to two channels of Optomix LPG, strike controlled by X and Y gate outs from RenĂ© Mk ii
– Both channels sent to clocked Echophon via sends from Hexpander
– Echophon output into ADDAC Xfade/Panner – CV Modulation from sine, 0 degree output of Modbox, sync-ed to echophon clock out.
– Outboard FX – NF Audio custom Stereo Spring Reverb, FMR Audio RNC 1773 on bus compression

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