Very happy to say that after 6 years Beat Tape 1 is finally up on Spotify, Apple Music etc fully remastered.. this was the first project I ever compiled, that came together from me making beats everyday after school and slapping them on soundcloud, the soundcloud golden era. This is where it all started for me, a teenager falling in love with making beats but I never imagined it would result in a full on music career. So thank you for rocking with me till now and supporting my music! Forever grateful! You can pre order vinyl now with some limited signed copies. It also contains one new beat “Marrakech”

Link here – ❤

Animation – Toby Mortimer –


01. The Real Thing
02. In A Special Way
03. Summer
04. Take Me Back
05. Keep Moving
06. Lush Lyfe
07. Epiphany
08. Dilla Love
09. Cruisin’
10. Deeper
11. Windmills of Your Mind
12. Climbing
13. Marrakech
14. Euphoric
15. Can’t Explain It
16. Maguel Chops
17. Wind (Jazzy Joint)
18. Wonder
19. You Got Me Flying

– – – –

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