5. Korg Volca Beats (3:26 / demo sounds at 5:21)

4. Roland TR-08 (11:08 / demo sounds at 12:52)

3. Arturia Drumbrute (19:00 / demo sounds at 21:43)

2. Behringer RD-8 (27:45 / demo sounds at 30:14)

1. Drumbrute Impact (36:48 / demo sounds at 38:22)

Many of us over at Alamo Music Center started our musical journey through the exploration of rhythm– its a formative experience where one can understand the building blocks of music creation. These 5 drum machines aim to bring that experience to an affordable price point, while providing extremely high quality in sound and build. Some of these choices are digital and some are analog; some are recreations of classic rhythm machines and some are wholly original. Check out our list and shop our store to pick up the right drum machine for you today!

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