For retro music lovers who want to display and arrange their cassette collections, TunePhonik is pleased to introduce a management organizer for your dorm room, rec room or living room. Enjoy being able to manage and store your tape collection anywhere from your desktop to your tabletop to even a wall-mounted display:

– RETRO-STYLE TAPE HOLDER: Experience a uniquely classic look with an organically rustic appearance and solid construction
– MADE OF DURABLE WOOD: Enjoy a classier alternative that perfectly complements the unique style of your cassette collection
– HOLD UP TO 16 TAPES: Finding the right music will become faster and simpler, with an accessory that keeps your cassettes stacked and easy to examine
– LASER PRECISION: Laser-cut shelving ensures each shelf piece fits perfectly
– EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Complement any décor with a rustic music accessory that’s easy to assemble in seconds

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