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directed by HiDef the Chef
produced by oo oxygen (@OxygenBeats)
edited by Jeremy Alvarez

creative team
Leigh Joel Scott
Scott Roberts
Henry Drayton

Welcome to the After
You’re in another chapter
Take a seat, pal, while we look at your disasters
With laughter, we’ve captured
Every moment you’ve ever had
From the super glad, to the very sad, or the really bad

Like when you told lies to that broke guy
Asked if you had change, you said my hands are tied
You slapped your thighs, said “Sorry sir, I just buy with credit cards
But I’ll get you next time, so bye-bye”

Do you remember when you were on the phone with Grand-Pop
Half-cocked, scrolling through the ‘gram, when you had to stop
Saw a girl in a loose crop, started licking your lips like a kid in a candy shop
Now I’m not the cops, but your pops was trying to talk to you
And you were tuned out, with family in front of you
(That’s not fair!)
You weren’t there, your attention was broken, you were hopin’
Your gramps wouldn’t notice, you were floating but as he anecdoted
He laughed at his own joke, asked what you thought, then your brain choked
You said, “Hey could you repeat that? My reception here is real bad”
Dude that’s so sad

Look here kid you got it mixed up
Thought you did a lot but you didn’t do enough
You tried your best, you just confessed
You made your nest, you like to rest
You puffed your chest, like Adam West
Little Batman, run away from the robbin’
Might as well jump inside of your coffin
Come-a-knockin’, Frankly, now we’re talkin’
Shakin’ things up like you’re rockin’ maracas
You put stock in your options, ride to the top
Won’t stop til you drop this, pantomime’s up
Try Mr. Nice Guy, if the time’s right
Then you’ll do a good deed for a treat
Like a dog, ruff

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